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VISA (Visa International Service Association) is a multinational company. It is a corporation with a listing in NYSE called V. It is the largest electronic payment and transaction network in the world that manages payment for different financial institutions, consumers, merchants, businesses and other government entities.

VISA was launched in the year 1958. It was then called BankAmeriCard, which is a part of a credit card program of Bank of America. This credit card was born out of a branch manager of the bank who had realized that it would be simple for the computer system of the bank to prepare customer bills all over the world and prepare merchant accounts manually. It was a brilliant idea that eventually led to greater profits.

Visa credit card works on the principle that governs credit card. The application of cardholder requires an approval by Visa before they can use the same for making transactions. All the purchases would be made as per the rules of online casino or Cardholder Not Present Transactions (CNP).

Once cardholders enter their credit card number and start using VISA, it will give them additional security through a tool known as 'Verified by Visa' for establishing whether or not the customer will have valid card and sufficient credit. This transaction has been approved by the Visa authorities.

With each passing month, the cardholder will be issues account statement with details related to purchase made at the time of billing, an outstanding fee and total due amount. Cardholders can also pay bill amount in total or the minimum amount that is supposed to be paid within the date that is due to avoid any late fines.

There is a common drawback of VISA card - it has the highest rejection rate for most credit card payments and transactions in most online casinos.